I nostri itinerari


  • Surface: path, dirt road
  • Lenght: 12 Km
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Height difference: slight
  • Map

It's a good way to reach Chiusi Città, the historical center! You will cross the flood basins, where you'll find a varied wildlife, expecially birds. Cross the paved road in proximity to the Torre Beccati Questo, then proceed along the canal Gragnano, following the bike path. You will reach Chiusi following the dirt road that leads to the cemetery. Then you can go back following a different path to meet the bike path again.

Bike and walk
The following itineraries have been selected for you and you can do them walking or biking! For each of them there is a short description; we suggest you to use photocopied maps or download on:
- GPS (file .gpx or file .gdb)
- palm or smartphone (app Google Earth file .kml or .kmz)

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